Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Total pageviews

Yes, I'm still here. And if anyone could enlighten me: what happened since I stopped posting meaningful stuff on my blog? This pageviews plugin must(?) be broken:

Let me also take this post as an opportunity to admit that lotro may in fact slightly delay my final movie ;)


  1. Finally featured on a WoW-machinima-site! Or just spambots...

    It would help if you could get more detailed visitor data, but I'm guessing Google Analytics (http://www.google.com/analytics/) does not look in the past after setting up an account.

  2. Since you posted 28 more pageviews were added to the counter (mostly me testing to see what made it increase) and the peak has more than doubled in size! So I'd venture your peak in the picture is about 15-20 pageviews today, so maybe it's not that exciting. :-)

  3. So, I voted yes.

    Though it is a nice example of misleading graphs, especially with the large number next to it (total pageviews since you started the blog) which is unrelated to the interval that is shown in the graph (approximately the last month).

    Anyway, this isn't a blog to talk about graphs, so: stop playing with hobbits, and make that epic finale! ;-)


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