Saturday, June 25, 2011

Finale Teaser 2

This blog is haunting me. As in: I really want and need it to have a finale. After finally finishing that crappy Dragon Age sequel (razorfistx even warned me), I had some time off to finally start work on Burning Man 10: The Finale!

So here I am, with new teaser material. I've been working a whole afternoon on the story, with Cyrelle and Ygdrasil sitting behind me, trying to get a sneak preview. I've got two screenshots in store for my fans: one of the storyboard (but zoomed out: it's a teaser after all!) and one of the corresponding legend.

What does this mean? Well, for starters: I will have to get another month's worth of playing time. For added fun this coincides with Patch 4.2 "Firelands", giving me extra value for my money. However, even more important: I get to socialize with my guildies again! They are very quiet at our lovely new website, so they must be very active in-game.

Anyhow, hopefully within a month or so: the final episode!


  1. And there was much rejoicing!

  2. Hurray!! Except that either ING-bank or WoW is not letting me pay for game time :(


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