Sunday, January 30, 2011

Devious plan

Muhahaha, I have the most devious plan! Worthy of someone playing Guy Montag . I'll just post this on Sunday, and when I replace this on Monday with my real post and movie it'll still look like I kept my promiss of a movie every week on Sunday!

(In the mean time, I can highly recommend this Japanese-style-gameshow machinema. Scary high quality, wouldn't even dare start comparing my own creations with such a masterpiece.)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Wowbash material

Honestly, this happened more than once, even in our "serious" raiding guild. And even though I may giggle when it happens, Guy seems to be less enthusiastic about this wowbash material:

Originally I had a plan of actually using the good ole' HTML Image Map to link the abilities to Wowhead, but then I decided to invest over an hour trying to make as many subtle inside-jokes and references in the chat window as possible (find all 19 of em!).

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Readers decide

Damn, there's a thousand things I want to try with Sony Vegas, and hundreds of ideas for movies. But there was no creative spark. Following the mantra "Creativity comes from Constraint" I decided to ask for your input this week.

So I hereby ask my (small, but loving/lovely) fan-base to put on the constraint: which of these three projects will be done next week? Put your favorite in the poll on the right-hand side. But be informed first:

It had been duly noted that the Cataclysm Profession was the last poll's winner, but I'm giving you a last chance this week to see the error of your ways and not choose it! The competition is fierce, and I ask you all to choose wisely! Either way: thanks for your cooperation.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Where was Guy?

Woa, first Wednesday missed there. But where was Guy when he should've been making comics?

How appropriate though: after my break-episode last Sunday we're having a break episode this Wednesday (well, Thursday now) too. Thanks to my boss, who was kind enough to supply me with a damn-near endless supply of one of the greatest beers available.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Athelstane's Raiding Guild

After having to work both 01:00-03:00 last night, and another hour this morning at 08:00 I wasn't quite in the mood to fulfill my grand new idea for an episode of The Burning Man. So I decided to bring you an all new "Break Episode", sharing some random or old footage.

This break episode features film from our guild-run to The Throne of Four Winds (what's in a name?). Can I say that I love the way our guild raids? Do note that we did also get a few decent tries in ;).

Without further ado, let's jump to the footage. Be sure to check out my new music-contest below the video.

So, about the music prize questions. Apparently my quizzes were too hard (boo-hoo!). First week you guys came close, guessing Sim City and all sorts of Tycoon games. However, the Vashj'ir commercial episode had for a sound track... Leisure Suit Larry (installment 6, "Fat City" track). The credit roll for last week's Uldum Grind featured the main title to Hitman 2, which by the way is an awesome game!

This week's Prize Question
This week we have a new prize question, divided in three. Hopefully I satisfied your requests for easier questions. First to leave a comment with the correct answer will receive his/her price ingame, same restrictions as earlier matches.
  • Easy Question: What game does the music in this break episode come from? (Prize: 1 fortune cookie)
  • Medium Question: What installment of the game does it come from? (Prize: mega-pack Starfire Espresso)
  • Hard Question: What particular 'level' does it come from? (Prize: wine and flowers)

See ya next Wednesday on comic night!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Everyone and everything gives advice

If I follow the results from my own poll, I should send Guy Montag out to level using Archeology. Seriously folks: what are you thinking? Although... Guy may be crazy enough to try it.

Either way, this week Guy's getting some advice while roaming around the new zone portals:

I love the /silly emote in game, unless it's the long-ass human one being spammed over and over. Cataclysm also had some surprises for me when it came to emotes, as there seem to be a few new ones with voice-overs.

Next up for Sunday I hope to get to giving you (yes: YOU!) a chance to decide Guy's fate. Stay tuned!

PS. Still zero comments on my last post, no one venturing a guess at the song?

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Uldum grind

So which will Guy pick: Hyjal or Vashj'ir?

Anyhow, not every week can be great, I suppose. This week I took Borislava's advise: "real" friends are more important than WoW. Right he was. Even more so if you get to play WoW together.

I did learn some great things about transitions in Vegas though. Hopefully next week I can actually use them in a good script.

Oh and although I love my (limited number of) fans, I'm quite disappointed last week's bonus question wasn't answered. Not for lack of trying though, I must admit. Folks: it was Leisure Suit Larry (installment 6 "Fat City" track, to be precise). So, I decided for an easier bonus question this week: what game is the song during the Credits taken from?

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Blow all cooldowns

For me, WoW-hours usually are the evening hours. I may start in the late afternoon, where I can combine some real-life cooking with a quest or two. With some intermezzo's, this can go on until late at night...

I imagine everyone has different playing hours, and different pets to interrupt them. So: what hours do you play? And what interruptions do you suffer?

Monday, January 3, 2011

Vashj'ir commercial

After exploring Hyjal last week, we'll take a look at the other starting zone today: Vashj'ir. Surely after this Guy Montag will be able to decide which starting zone to pick for leveling?

Also: a 100 gold prize will be awarded to the first commenter to guess what 'classic' the music was taken from. (Participation restricted to Alliance chars on Darkmoon Faire EU. Leave your character name in the comment or PM me.)

Yet again today I managed to upload the movie Sunday, as intended! Nonetheless, I yet again wasn't finished until after midnight. Oh well, everything for getting to level 85, right?

Until then, at least I don't have to worry about what spec to choose, and let others figure that out for me.