Monday, August 1, 2011

Burning Man Grand Finale!!

Damn I wanted to write that title in ALLCAPS, I'm just that excited about finally finishing my blog series. Even though I only did 30% of all the content that I was aiming for, this Interactive Youtube Machiname Adventure has turned out just great! It's got:
  • 28 different movie scenes
  • 17 choices to make
  • 6 different endings
  • over 20 minutes of machinema film
  • plenty of nerd-humor
So get ready to view this movie! Note that after your first choice you will be redirected to Youtube for the rest of the show.

By the way: be sure to report any broken parts (hopefully there are none) in the comments folks!

Right, and with that my machinema blog has officially come to an end! It's time to move to a new and perhaps even more insane nerd-project :D. It has been fun! Last but not least: thanks to all my fans!!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Finale Teaser 2

This blog is haunting me. As in: I really want and need it to have a finale. After finally finishing that crappy Dragon Age sequel (razorfistx even warned me), I had some time off to finally start work on Burning Man 10: The Finale!

So here I am, with new teaser material. I've been working a whole afternoon on the story, with Cyrelle and Ygdrasil sitting behind me, trying to get a sneak preview. I've got two screenshots in store for my fans: one of the storyboard (but zoomed out: it's a teaser after all!) and one of the corresponding legend.

What does this mean? Well, for starters: I will have to get another month's worth of playing time. For added fun this coincides with Patch 4.2 "Firelands", giving me extra value for my money. However, even more important: I get to socialize with my guildies again! They are very quiet at our lovely new website, so they must be very active in-game.

Anyhow, hopefully within a month or so: the final episode!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Finale Teaser

This will be my sixth post without an actual comic or a machinema movie. Nonetheless, it brings good news! With the end of my subscription time nearing at warp speed, I finally felt enough pressure to start working on the finale. So I'm here to entertain my fans (you still out there? :D) with an official announcement of the final film.

At this early stage of course I can't reveal any details yet. But: you won't CTRL-F4 this blog empty-handed! Because I both proudly and ashamedly present: The Burning Man "Grand Finale" Concept Art:

That's all folks! And while you're at it browsing the web for World of Warcraft sites, don't forget the lovely new Vengeance Guild site too!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Total pageviews

Yes, I'm still here. And if anyone could enlighten me: what happened since I stopped posting meaningful stuff on my blog? This pageviews plugin must(?) be broken:

Let me also take this post as an opportunity to admit that lotro may in fact slightly delay my final movie ;)

Monday, March 21, 2011

More subscription time

And there it was. Today, a week earlier than I remembered it would come, the game presented me with a tough situation: "Your game time has expired".

However, my current way of playing WoW is (relatively) with extreme moderation. This made me decide to add some game time after all. I enjoy the occasional heroic-achieves run, score some VP now and then, and hang around /G a bit of the time. Heck I may even try to hop in on a raid that's got an open spot some time soon again.

To anyone still listening in on this blog: I still intend to make a final machinema, and will let you know when I get around to it. For now: I'm off for some gaming. Dawn of War 2, that is...

Sunday, February 27, 2011


Finally! An excuse to use the Marquee tag again...

t u m b l e w e e d

There will be a final movie on here, some day. I promise! For now, please imagine the sound of howling winds while watching the tumbleweed...

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Alas, yesterday I skipped making a comic. I feel ashamed, and also tempted to explain why. Well, actually I should say I want to rationalize why. I had one of those days where you think it's a different day. So all Wednesday I actually worked and lived under the impression it was Tuesday. Hence, I 'forgot' to post.

Also, seeing as I'm somewhat losing my interest in WoW, I'm thinking of replacing this blog-project with a new project. I have some ideas, but any input is highly welcome!

Rest assured I will (try to) go out with a bang, though I'm not sure whether that will be done this Sunday or perhaps a little later. When it's done I'll be sure to let all my lurker-fans know through the available channel!

Oh, and apart from rationalizing, I was caught in the Stumble-o-sphere all Wednesday. Thinking of making a petition to make StumbleUpon illegal, it's just plain evil technology!