Monday, May 16, 2011

Finale Teaser

This will be my sixth post without an actual comic or a machinema movie. Nonetheless, it brings good news! With the end of my subscription time nearing at warp speed, I finally felt enough pressure to start working on the finale. So I'm here to entertain my fans (you still out there? :D) with an official announcement of the final film.

At this early stage of course I can't reveal any details yet. But: you won't CTRL-F4 this blog empty-handed! Because I both proudly and ashamedly present: The Burning Man "Grand Finale" Concept Art:

That's all folks! And while you're at it browsing the web for World of Warcraft sites, don't forget the lovely new Vengeance Guild site too!

1 comment:

  1. This gift keeps on giving!

    (Although tricking me into seeing what Ctrl+F4 does seems like a cheap way to get more pageviews. On the other hand, I could have guessed...)


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