Thursday, February 24, 2011


Alas, yesterday I skipped making a comic. I feel ashamed, and also tempted to explain why. Well, actually I should say I want to rationalize why. I had one of those days where you think it's a different day. So all Wednesday I actually worked and lived under the impression it was Tuesday. Hence, I 'forgot' to post.

Also, seeing as I'm somewhat losing my interest in WoW, I'm thinking of replacing this blog-project with a new project. I have some ideas, but any input is highly welcome!

Rest assured I will (try to) go out with a bang, though I'm not sure whether that will be done this Sunday or perhaps a little later. When it's done I'll be sure to let all my lurker-fans know through the available channel!

Oh, and apart from rationalizing, I was caught in the Stumble-o-sphere all Wednesday. Thinking of making a petition to make StumbleUpon illegal, it's just plain evil technology!

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